Our done-for-you services give you effortless results while you focus running your business


Instantly Turn On a Stream of Targeted High-Intent Customers Directly To Your Business

Imagine waking up every morning and knowing that your business is going to receive a steady stream of leads and enquiries from people looking for exactly what you provide.

Imagine never needing to worry where you next customer is coming from.

Imagine what it will feel like to be able to focus on running your business and doing what you love while your marketing is highly effective and totally done for you.

With FTW you can stop imagining it. That’s exactly what you’ll get with our done-for-you Google Ads Management Service.

With more than 5 billion Google searches every single day there is no better place to let your customers find you. 

We Make It Easy For You

FTW helps your business grow faster and receive a predictable stream of new customers, every single day.

We’ve been getting amazing results for our clients for years.  We know how to leverage the power of Google Ads the right way so you don’t waste your time and your money targeting the wrong people and paying a lot more for each lead than you need to.  

We believe that the only measure of our success is how much value we create for our clients.

Our ‘Done-For-You’ Google Ads Management Service have been designed from the ground up to be the best and most effective Google Ads Management Service on the planet (in our humble opinion!)

Over 5 Billion Google Searches Every Day

With more than 5 Billion Google searches every single day there is no better place to let your customers find you.  When someone searches for something on Google they already have a high intent to buy – they are looking for you. 

This simple truth is that when it comes to effectiveness, search engine marketing king.  It is above and beyond all traditional ‘push’ marketing strategies like email and even facebook ads.

We can help your business scale quickly with Google Ads by positioning your business in the right way, in the right place, and at the right time to reach hig-intent potential customers.

Our Proven Process

Our Google Ads Management process is proven to deliver results, every time.  We combine a ton of experience, science, creativity, world-class skills, and a whole lot of relentless dedication to delivering a Google Ads Management Service that we believe cannot be beaten.

Our Done-For-You service has been developed to be exactly that – it’s done for you.

We know you don’t want to be bored you with an exhaustive list of features or a highly detailed description of every step in our process, but we’d like to let you know a bit about what you can expect.

1. We Start By Learning

We believe that in order to give you the best possible results we need to learn all about your business, your market, your customers, and your competitors.

2. We Research

We’ll dig deep into your competitors and what they are doing on Google.  We’ll analyse historical search traffic (we usually go back 5 years!) and we’ll look at forecasts on search volumes and expected costs for possible keywords.

3. We Strategize

We’ll develop the best strategy for your campaigns. We’ll use all that research to make sure that we have a powerful Google Ads Strategy for your business that can deliver on your business goals and give you the greatest possible return on your advertising spend.

4. We Set Up Your Accounts

We’ll help you get your Google Ads and Analytics accounts set up and working properly.  If you already have your accounts set up then we’ll go through them and make sure everything is set up correctly for you.


5. We’ll Set Up Your Campaigns & Tracking

We’ll do all your campaign design and set everything up.  This includes all campaigns, ad groups, keywords, extensions, negative keywords, audience targeting, bidding strategies and scheduling.  We’ll also set up conversion tracking tags and let your website manager know where to put them in your website.

6. We Launch Your Campaigns

We’ll launch your campaigns and you’ll start to see results very quickly.

7. We Continuously Optimise & Report Success

Although you’ll start to get visitors to your website immediately, we know we can do always do better.  We don’t stop.  We’ll monitor your campaigns, adjusting your keywords and targeting, and continuously refining and optimising your campaigns.

We’ll edit, optimise, retire, and create new ads regularly to maximise your campaign quality, improve your click-through-rates, and reduce the your costs.

We’ll also make sure that we keep you updated regularly with the performance of your campaigns with regular reporting delivered directly to your inbox.


Ready To Get Started?

If you are ready to go, and you know that our Done-For-You Google Ads Management Service is a good fit for you then you can jump ahead and order now. 

But if you are not sure if this a good fit for you then we always like to start with a conversation.

During our conversation, we’ll talk about your business goals and anything you have already tried with Google Ads (or any other ad platforms).  We’ll answer any questions that you have and together we’ll decide if we are a good fit for each other.

If we think that our service is a good fit for your business at the moment, then we’ll be able to get things started for you right away.  Our team will get to work researching and developing a strategy for your business.

You’ll quickly start to see results in the form of qualified, high-intent, traffic.  And remember that as we gather data, test different ads and optimise your campaigns your business results will continue to grow.

Still Have Questions?

If you still have questions about our service and how this can work for your business then let’s talk.

We NEVER work with a business that we are not sure we can help.  We believe in getting to know your business and letting you get to know us.

So, let’s start talking and find out if we are a good fit for each other.