Digital Marketing

Let your business stand our from the crowd

Do you want to dramatically increase your customer base and explode your profits?

Your business’s organic reach is great but can only grow at a fairly modest rate.  If you want to accelerate your growth you need to find ways to connect with new customers.  Digital Marketing provides exactly that.

FTW will work with you to make sure you have the optimal strategy to connect your business with new customers.  We’ll make sure your investment is always outweighed by the increase in your profits so you can scale and scale.  With FTW the sky is the limit.

Data-Driven as Standard

Realise your potential

FTW are proud to be different.  Part of our differentiation is in our ability connect your digital estate and your services, so your marketing efforts can be measured and relentlessly optimised.

When we talk about digital marketing for your business we’ll be happy to talk about all your social platforms, landing pages, full websites, blogs, content creation, and design.

Our capabilities are extensive and we make your potential growth limitless.

Our Process

Do you know what you need? Don’t worry if you don’t – that’s normal.  Our job is to work with you and figure that out.

We’ll begin by talking to you and really understanding your business.  We’ll be able to advise you on the marketing channels that will make the biggest impact on your business goals.  If we think we are a good fit to help you achieve those goals we’ll tell you.  And we’ll let know you if we don’t – and try to suggest alternatives.

The power of your digital marketing grows exponentially as you go from one channel to multi-channel, and when your business digital infrastructure is designed with your digital marketing in mind.  If we think you can get a much bigger result for a little extra work we’ll talk to you about that.

Our goal is simple – to do whatever we can to get you the most effective business results possible.



Social Media Marketing

We structure our social media marketing service based on your needs – not ours.  Our goal is simply to help to you achieve your goals and feel like we are part of your team.

There is no one-size fits-all social media solution.  We'll find the right mix of social channels to reach your potential customers and grow your business.


Facebook Marketing

With over 2 billion monthly active users you are guaranteed to be able to reach your prospective audience through facebook.  Facebook is the #1 social media platform to grow your business. 


Instagram Marketing

60% of people use Instagram regularly to discover new products and services. Instagram is the most visually engaging social media platform and has proven to be exceptionally good at building an audience.


Twitter Marketing

Twitter’s 330 million users of all ages and from all over the world means this platform is core part of almost every businesses social media strategy.


Youtube Marketing

The second most visited website on the entire internet with over 1 billion users and almost no competitors.  If video marketing is relevant for your business then you need YouTube in your social media strategy.


LinkedIn Marketing

Reach over 500 million qualified decision-makers and professionals, college educated and over 25 on the world's most popular social media platform for business.


Pinterest Marketing

Are you selling consumer goods?  You need your strategy to include the best social media platform for sales that reaches over 400 million users

Let’s work together

We have worked with lots of different types of businesses in a diverse range of industries and markets.   We bring our experience of our previous work to the benefit of all of our clients.

It all starts with a relaxed chat to talk about your business, your goals, and your strategy.  There's no obligation, we'll just get to know each other and if it seems like we can help you then we'd love to start talking about it.

Contact us today to begin a conversation.

Search Engine Marketing

What exactly is Search Engine Marketing?

Simply put, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) uses a strategy based on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Search Engine Adverts to increase your businesses prominence and rankings in search engine results, and subsequently increases your businesses web traffic and revenue.

Google Ads

Google are established as the world leader in Search with over 80% market share

Bing Ads

Advertise in Bing, Microsoft’s Search Engine that comes as standard in all new PCs.

92% of your potential customer’s browser homepage is a search engine. That’s where they’ll start when they want to find a product or a local business.  That’s a huge opportunity to miss!

There are a lot of different tactics that can be used to boost your websites rankings with search engines.  It can take a long time to really understand if changes you make have had a positive impact or the opposite.  Search Engine Marketing is very complex and can be very challenging for the inexperienced user. You cannot afford to make mistakes.

But you don’t need to worry. FTW has plenty of experience and we know which tactics to choose for different types of business models, industries, and markets.  You’re in safe hands.

FTW can develop great copy that search engines love and optimise your website for keywords that drive real traffic.   We can build links from your website and to your website. We build high-return pay-per-click (PPC) traffic campaigns using Google and Bing that will drive up your bottom line.  We’ll develop a strategy that works for your business and do whatever it takes to increase your revenue.

We’re always keeping up with changes and refining our craft, so you always be getting better results.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing allows you to stay connected with your customers, advertise new promotions, and drive traffic to your website or local business.  It allows you to easily maintain a relationship with your customers, increasing customer retention and customer lifetime value.

Grow & Monetise Your Audience

Communication plus relationships translate into profit

There is common internet marketing saying, ‘The money is in the list” This was true 10 years ago and remains true today.  The landscape has changed with the growth of social media and so we would probably suggest an amendment in 2018 – the money is in the lists.  Think of your social followings as other lists but neglect your email marketing list at your peril!

FTW has extensive experience in list building and email marketing.  We can maintain and operate your email marketing and deliver a world-class and professional experience for your business.  Say goodbye to clunky online tools and say hello FTW.

As with all of our services we’ll get to know you and tailor a solution that meets your needs and budget, and grows your business.

Content & Blog Marketing

Our approach to content marketing through blogs in simple. Creating great free content online increases your businesses credibility.

FTW websites are built on WordPress, a platform that was originally developed for blogging and maintains its position as the platform of choice for blogs. We can create a blog site for your business and even manage the creation of unique and high-value content for your blog posts.

Increase your businesses credibility and authority

Your high-value free blog content will increase your businesses credibility and authority.  This will be seen by search engines and reflected in your organic page rankings.

Your business blog will also provide content that powers your social media and drives up your authority and influence – all of which will generate additional traffic and customers to your business.

Get the recognition your business deserves.  Talk to FTW about our Content Marketing Strategies.