Social Media

Your customers are already there. What are you waiting for?


Social media is the most manageable and valuable channel to create communication between a business and its customers.

We understand the detail and nuances of different social media channels and know how to optimse social media in the most beneficial manner for your business.

Engage with Your Audience

Over 30% of millennials directly engage with brands on social media at least once per month

In order to grow businesses must be fully invested in their social channels and focus on engaging their audience online. Failing to attract and engage with customers on social media means losing business to your competitors and makes a serious impact your bottom line.

Having a well-planned and thoughtful social media strategy that is right for your business is what you need to ensure your business is not left behind.

It Starts With Your Strategy

The most expensive mistake that businesses make when launching their social channels and social media marketing campaigns is to overlook their strategy.  At FTW our first step is work with you to understand your social media strategy or work with you to develop a new one.

We’ll make sure your social channels and marketing tactics are all aligned to maximize your return on all your social media investments and to deliver your business goals.


Increase Brand Awareness

Using social media to increase your brand awareness helps businesses to attract authentic long-lasting followers and this translates into increased revenue


Higher Quantity of Sales

Through increased engagement in social media you drive more traffic to your website and your business, and increase sales faster


Drive In-person Sales

Use social media to attact real targeted prospects, drive them to your local business and convert them into high-value loyal customers


Improve Your Return On Investment

Social media marketing provides tried and tested tools to measure campaign effectiveness and ensure your costs are always outweighed by increased business value and profit


Create a Loyal Fanbase

Use social media to grow and nurture your real fans that will remain loyal customers and promote your brand to others

Social Media Management

The team at FTW focus on building long term sustainable partnerships with our clients. We work hard to make sure we understand your business and your goals.  We measure our success by the business success of our clients.  We’ll tailor the best social media strategy to maximize your return on investment.

No two businesses are alike.  We know that your business is not the same as ours and not the same any other and that’s why we work directly with you to create and deliver a fully optimised social media service that’s tailored for your business to deliver your business goals.

Whether you need to keep your social channels active through regular hand-curated content posting, give them a brand makeover and fully optimse them for your business goals, or even start from scratch, FTW can create a step-change in the value of your social media channels and their impact on your bottom line.

Our social media management service helps your business grow brand-awareness, customer engagement and relationships, and drive traffic to your website and/or local businesses.

Social Media Marketing

We structure our social media marketing service based on your needs – not ours.  Our goal is simply to help to you achieve your goals and feel like we are part of your team.

There is no one-size fits-all social media solution.  We'll find the right mix of social channels to reach your potential customers and grow your business.


Facebook Marketing

With over 2 billion monthly active users you are guaranteed to be able to reach your prospective audience through facebook.  Facebook is the #1 social media platform to grow your business. 


Instagram Marketing

60% of people use Instagram regularly to discover new products and services. Instagram is the most visually engaging social media platform and has proven to be exceptionally good at building an audience.


Twitter Marketing

Twitter’s 330 million users of all ages and from all over the world means this platform is core part of almost every businesses social media strategy.


Youtube Marketing

The second most visited website on the entire internet with over 1 billion users and almost no competitors.  If video marketing is relevant for your business then you need YouTube in your social media strategy.


LinkedIn Marketing

Reach over 500 million qualified decision-makers and professionals, college educated and over 25 on the world's most popular social media platform for business.


Pinterest Marketing

Are you selling consumer goods?  You need your strategy to include the best social media platform for sales that reaches over 400 million users

Let’s work together

We have worked with lots of different types of businesses in a diverse range of industries and markets.   We bring our experience of our previous work to the benefit of all of our clients.

It all starts with a relaxed chat to talk about your business, your goals, and your strategy.  There's no obligation, we'll just get to know each other and if it seems like we can help you then we'd love to start talking about it.

Contact us today to begin a conversation.

Social Media Growth

Connect with a new and massive global audience

Growing your social media followings is an important lever that will increase your brand awareness, drive word of mouth referrals, and increase online and in-person traffic. For many established local businesses social media is a key, and often overlooked, channel to dramatically grow your business.

Our social media growth programs are tailored for your business needs and designed to increase engagement and followers with real human, high-value, prospects and customers.


It’s because of this fundamental shift towards user-generated information that people will listen more to other people than to traditional resources.

Eric Schmidt

Executive Chairman & former CEO, Google

From simple organic growth to massively accelerated social growth, our team will develop a strategy that gets your social followings where you need them to be. We’ll target the social channels that will drive your business goals and develop the most effective tactics to find, attract, and engage with followers in those channels.

We’ll tailor your growth program to leverage your own in-house skills and resources and augment them where needed.

Done for you

Our ‘done for you’ programs include set up, targeting, and execution. On a daily basis our team will interact with potential followers, 7 days a week. This interaction encourages people to follow your account and you’ll gain natural real followers at an accelerated pace.

Targeted niche followers are nurtured by regular high-value content. You’ll build a large following of your ideal customers, perfect for future monetization and conversion into customers for your business.

We take pride in our results and so only offer this service for a limited number of clients. Talk to us today about whether social media growth is right for your business.