Website Design, Development, & Management

First impressions matter – let’s make a great one!


FTW design, build, host and operate visually striking websites that reinforce your brand and your business expertise in the digital world.

Your website is the 24/7/365 face of your business and it needs to showcase your brand in the best possible way.

FTW can give your business a website that is incredibly feature rich, as standard, and managed to be lightning-fast and create massive-value for your business even if you know nothing about designing or running a website yourself. Don’t risk your businesses digital reputation, talk to FTW today.

Stand Out From The Crowd

What would your potential customers think of your website?

In today’s marketplace, it’s not enough to just have a digital presence. To really capitalise on your digital opportunity then you must be able to attract, captivate, and engage real human customers.

Having a professional, optimised, fully-functional website is a must in 2018.

Focus on what you do best – running your business

Starting and running your own business is hard. Why make it harder by needing to become your own digital design team, and website development team, and IT department? Focus on what you do best and let FTW take the hassle out of running your website.

World-class websites are not the preserve of the million-dollar companies

At FTW we believe that incredible websites don’t need have incredible prices. Our focus is on being able to deliver a world-class digital presence for your business and to wow your prospects and customers alike, turning them into true and loyal advocates of your business. And we only do this in one way – a way that creates value and profit for your business.

Website Design & Build

We design and build striking and engaging websites that set our clients business apart

We understand that your brand is valuable, and we take the time to understand your brand and your branding so that website we design for you is packed with your unique brand personality. We can take you existing brand identity and assets and use them thoughtfully, or work with you to update them with new custom designs, images, and anything you need to bring your brand to life online.

We take a personalised approach to website design. You need the site that right for your business, not something cookie-cutter. For this reason, you won’t see a standard price for a 5-page site, 15-page site, or 100-page site here. We’ll always make sure we understand what you need, and make you get that in a way that affordable and give you a great return on your investment.

Every website we build is unique, but some things are always true with an FTW website:

  • Designed to be clean, professional, and visually appealing
  • Designed and built as mobile-first and fully response to look great on mobile, tablet, and desktop alike
  • Use fully licenced professional-grade digital assets
  • Optimised for marketing tracking from facebook, instagram, google, youtube, etc
  • Designed and optimised for Google and Bing search
  • Fully configured with snippets and cards to highlight your brand in search results
  • Built to comply with regulations and legislation (like GDPR and DCMA)

Website Hosting

Imagine this: your ideal customer does a search and sees your business in the search results. They click on the link to your site and… and… nothing happens. The page hangs for a while. Maybe it loads after a few seconds, maybe it doesn’t. It’s too late. Your business reputation is in the gutter and your ideal customer has clicked on a competitor’s site which did load straight away.

At FTW we take your hosting extremely seriously

We are proud to only host our sites through our carefully selected partners to ensure that your site is 100% available and always lightning-fast.

We host on servers in the UK and use market-leading content distribution and acceleration, so your website is served faster that you can think to your customers wherever in the world they may be.

That’s why we love to host our own websites and almost always host the ones we build for our clients.

We keep our costs extremely low too and pass this on to you. Hosting your FTW website with FTW is no-brainer!

Search Engine Optimisation

There are two types of websites; those that get traffic and those that don’t.

Designing your website for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) sets you up for success.

At FTW we prefer to be a partner to our clients in all things digital and SEO is an ongoing part of our Search Engine Marketing (SEM) services.

We know there is no reason to have a website if your customers can’t find it.  So we design our websites with SEM in mind. We tightly weave SEO design into our website design, so an FTW website not only looks great, but your customers can also find it.

In 2018, around 31% of all the websites on the internet are built on WordPress. With great development, industry-leading plugins, and seamless marketing integrations, WordPress is arguably the best Content Management System for SEO. Here at FTW we understand and use the full potential of WordPress to ensure that our clients search engine rankings are as high as possible and that new visitors are being driven to their sites every single day.